Fruits preparations

Discover a unique range of high-end fruit preparations. Authentic recipes with no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours. Combining superior quality and daring flavours, the Léonce Blanc range is available from your local supermarket.

Single flavour range

With 65% fruit and 20% less sugar than regular jam, this range celebrates the flavours of each fruit.

Gamme Fruits Gourmands Léonce Blanc

Discover the recipes : Apricot, Strawberry, Fig, Orange, Cherry, Raspberry, Red fruits, Blueberry

Indulgent touches

Mirabelle Léonce Blanc

Mirabelle plum – 330g

In this recipe, Léonce Blanc celebrates an essential fruit, the plum, and one of its best representatives: the Mirabelle. With its golden colour, its balance between sweetness and fruitiness and its melting texture, whenever you eat this new Léonce Blanc recipe you will find the original qualities of the Mirabelle plum.

4 citrus – 330g

The 4 citrus recipe with orange, clementine, lemon and grapefruit. It is a perfect balance between the sweet mildness of orange and clementine and the subtle notes of lemon and grapefruit. It will delight citrus lovers who can mix it up with these flavours and it will win over other fans of fruity recipes thanks to its mild flavour.

4 agrumes léonce blanc

Flavour range

Recipes with refined and original flavours, with 60% fruit for gourmet moments.

Gamme Saveurs Léonce Blanc

Tasty break

Pomme Canelle Léonce Blanc

Cinnamon Apple – 330g

By selecting its apples for their taste and texture and combining them with a hint of cinnamon, Léonce Blanc has created a new and particularly refined recipe.
With its texture that combines creaminess and pieces of fruit and its flavour that associates sweet apple and the richness of cinnamon, this new recipe will be ideal for the breakfast table and for festive occasions, to serve with main courses or desserts

205g Léonce Blanc range

An even more elegant range with its transparent label showing off the visual qualities of the product.
A jar in a size adapted to all fruit lovers, from the smallest to the greediest, looking for something different from one recipe to the next!

Raspberry Lychee, Blueberry-Cranberry, Orange-lime et 3 « classical » Léonce Blanc : Strawberry, Apricot, Fig-pear.


Gamme 205g Léonce Blanc


Cerise Noire Léonce Blanc 205g

The black cherry attraction

Black cherry – 205g jar.
A recipe made with black cherries selected for their specific original qualities, in particular their mild, sweet and full-bodied flavour which makes them particularly delicious. This recipe with its high fruit content (65%) is prepared using a specific cooking method that helps keep the cherries whole or in big pieces, with a soft texture inside. An ideal recipe for breakfast or afternoon tea or something a little different; it goes very well with some cheeses and main courses with its mild, fruity notes. The 205g size is ideal for the table, with a main course of a cheeseboard.

The Léonce Blanc brand is the legacy of our founder: Mr Léonce Blanc.

A flavour creator, inventor of elegant combinations, Léonce Blanc passed on to us his daring approach and high standards.

These values drive us and inspire us every day, as we invent the best recipes: delicious, elegant and authentic as well as innovating and daring.