Chestnut creams

Chestnut creams

For gourmet fans, try this unique Léonce Blanc chestnut cream.
Unique and historic expertise for even more delicious moments.


Crèmes de marron Léonce Blanc

Léonce Blanc chestnut creams won a consumer jury’s “Flavour of the Year” award.”

Crème de marron vanille Léonce Blanc

Vanilla chestnut cream – 350g

For gourmet fans, try this unique Léonce Blanc recipe combining the richness of taste of chestnut and the refined touch of vanilla. A recipe texture, smooth and delicate, that invites to a unique tasting experience .

Chestnut cream
with caramel – 350g

Original: Léonce Blanc chestnut cream with caramel is made with real caramel. An authentic ingredient that gives the product its warm, golden colour, its delicious flavour and full body.
Authentic and faithful: this recipe offers all the qualities of the Léonce Blanc chestnut cream recipe prepared with carefully selected chestnuts, for a refined flavour and texture.
Ideal: this new recipe means chestnut cream fans can mix it up whilst others discover this historic yet trendy product with its note of caramel.

Crème de marron au caramel Léonce Blanc